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Feature Production - Mystery 1 hrs. 18 min.Karlene Crockett, John Walcutt, Lisa Richards

In this part ghost story, part thriller, Diana Stoving (Karlene Crockett) has a strong feeling that her mother has kept a secret from her about their past in Massachusetts, and she sets out to discover what that might be. Diana accidentally runs into a woman who works with age regression under hypnosis and who by coincidence is investigating the possession of a young man. It turns out that this possession is by Diana's grandfather, who has been trying to contact someone all this time -- it seems his death was anything but natural. The theme veers from possession to suspense thriller as Diana looks into the past.

Director: Andrew Silver

Writer(s): Andrew Silver - based on the novel Some Other Place, The Right Place by Donald Harington

Producer(s): Philip Spinelli, Yong-Hee Silver

Executive Producer(s): Andrew Silver, Yong-Hee Silver

Cinematography: Janos Zsombolyai

Editing: Gabrielle Gilbert

Music Composer(s): Michael Shrieve, Ragnar Grippe


Festival Awards

International Film Festival of Philidelphia- BEST FILM

International Film Festival of Sitges, Spain- BEST ACTOR

Houston International Film - SILVER AWARD


updated: 4 years ago